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johnny depp/amber turd

5/9/22 - obviously fuck this bitch. as a dv survivor myself (multiple relationships), i am so angry at the audacity turd has to lie like she is. to the extent she has. this hurts EVERYONE. its ppl like her that make society question actual victims.

i do think that they were both very toxic and abusive towards each other. but imo, johnnys alleged abuse was reactive to hers. i know exactly what that feels like. i dont think he really out his hands on her but i honestly of course have no way of actually knowing. i truly believed johnny when he said that the only person he has ever abused in his life was himself. i dont think he gives a damn whether he wins this legal case or not. what matters to him is, forst and foremost, what his kids think. and then what the public thinks. disney really better give us jack back!! and thats if he even wants it!

will smith/chris rock

4/11/22 - by now, will has been banned from the academy. but wth does that even mean? he will still be able to be nominated and accept awards. which means be will be able to make movies. so he just cant go to the award shows? that seems fair but 10 years seems way too long. good on will for just plain accepting it! hes such a good guy really. and so is chris!

4/2/22 - will has literally cancelled himself. thats called taking full responsibility. he actually resigned from the academy. like.....there wont be anymore will smith the actor....i dont like that.

4/2/22 - im honestly still waiting to see if either one of them come out and give us details of everything. esp will. i have a feeling (whether either of them admit it or not) that jada somehow communicated something to him that he interpreted in a way that made him do what he did. i think that a lottttt of mental abuse from her to him played a huge role leading up to and resulting in this incident. im not saying that what will did was right. in fact, it was fuckin stupid. it was most definitely an overreation to a joke. he really needs to leave jada. she will keep bringing him down if he dont!

chris rock is also still an amazing man. he handled himself as well as i think he coulda.